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Just created an account so I've a learning curve how to post revelant topics.

After years of agreeing with RP on certain points, I could never rationalize how all of his ideas could work out. I've been very vocal about the negative effect of the Federal Reserve and the War on Drugs for years but never came to grips with the errors of our foreign policy. Looking back I see that common sense forced me to recognize the corrupted goals of the Fed and the drug war but could never look at our foreign policy with the same clarity. It takes a lot of effort to reprogram oneself from years of indoctrination of our foreign policy. The blinders are off.

I want to thank Ron Paul for his steadfastness. To work in such a corrupted enviroment for so long and not succomb to temptation is inspirational. This expaines why his supporters will never abandon him. It really isn't Ron Paul's ideas, honsety or intent that captivates us. It is merely his example of how one should live that pulls us closer to our own humanity. We become a better person once we grasp what he stands for and there is no greater measure of what defines a great leader. It is an honor to support Ron Paul

Now I really didn't intend on writing that. It must've been one of those Paulbot cyber attacks!

My real idea was to explore the idea of how this fear mongering about Iran could be Plan C, of Plan H, of the establishment trying to detrail and ostracize RP from gaining support. The topic of Iran getting a nuclear weapon has suddenly become center stage in the debate at alraming speed. The media has lost alot of credibility of trying to blackout RP which only has caused more people to do their own research on his behalf. Once people look for themsevles at his honesty, predictions, voting record etc, its near impossible to sit back and come up with justifications why he shouldn't be taken as a serious candidate. The Iran issue is now the justification the media is using to counter RP gaining support.