Comment: And to bring into human terms

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And to bring into human terms

I don't mean dumb it down. I mean take it from theory to everyday reality.

1. Country's bankruptcy hurts every American in the wallet/pocketbook. It means higher prices for things you buy everyday--gas, food, utilities. I don't have to tell the American people prices are going up. They see it. They feel it. Politicians in Washington may not understand it, but the people do.

2. Spending is out of control and it's all on borrowed money. Would you rack-up hundreds of thousands of dollars on credit cards and expect your children and grandchildren to pay? That's what Washington is doing.

3. You can't have higher spending without higher taxes. Do you want to be in Iraq for 100 years? Despite the human cost of lives shattered and lost, we can't afford it financially. At $15 million an hour? Where does it end? Bring the troops home to their families now.

4. You think $3.00 a gallon gas is high, wait until we bomb Iran. Or send troops in Pakistan. Both ideas are "on the table." That only makes the price of oil, and the price of gasoline, go higher. That hurts the poor and middle class the most.