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Steve said... Ron Paul is the only choice for the GOP primary and general election. His foreign policy views are exactly what Myrtle Beach and the nation needs. Myrtle Beach will benefit directly from all of our troops coming home. Guaranteed, many of them will be bringing their money to spend here as soon as they get back, because we are their Value Destination. Dr Paul is not an isolationist, he is for non-intervention unless Congress declares intervention necessary. If you disagree with this, then how do you explain Ron Pauls military donations exceed all other GOP contenders COMBINED? Yesterday, an active duty Army Sgt on leave came to my restaurant on the strip with his wife. He just got back from Afghanistan. They reside in Charlotte and come to the beach often. He and his wife flat out told me they support Ron Paul 100% and he also told me there is massive, almost universal support among the military for ALL of Ron Paul's views, especially on foreign policy, the economy and monetary policy. The media has undeniably ignored or ridiculed Dr Paul, yet he continues to rise in the polls. In the past 6 days, individual donations to Paul's campaign have exceeded $5 million. 5 million in 6 days is amazing....what does this tell you? We the People are behind him 100% His Friday-Sunday 'MoneyBomb' raised over $4 million alone. If you spend a little time on the internet (, Youtube, etc) you will discover that Ron Paul has massive support from the global community. UK, Australia, China, etc. The whole world is watching! The most frequent comment I find from international viewers of the debates is this: "Gee, I wish we had a politician like Ron Paul" Spend 15 minutes on the web an educate yourself about Ron Paul and his views. You owe it to yourself and the nation. Reply December 19, 2011 at 12:26 PM

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One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul