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The correct answer is!!!

God does not exist.
The word, to exist, like many words has been given a perverted meaning, (as has the word "gay" which used to mean happy, but now is an extra word used to describe homosexuals.) The origin of the word exist is made up of two parts, the first part "ex", means to come out of, the second part "ist", comes from the latin origin sisto or sistere, which means to stand or in other words, be the source of.
For a theist, God has no source, but is the source of all creation, therefore God "Is" and does not come out of "something".
The universe exists, the sun exists, people exist, governments exist and even Santa Claus exists. Many concepts exist, in fact every "thing" exists, but simple existence does not make some "thing" true or real.
As part of the creation many creatures exist, and unfortunately out of some creatures, given, by God' the power to create, evil and sin have been brought into existence.
To believe that God "exists" is to believe that God is like all other gods and is merely a product of man's creation. To believe that God is a product of man, is to believe that nature, made up of all mass, energy and light, has always Been, is the source of, Is and always will Be. To believe that God is not real, is to believe that nature is the source of all things, a self sustaining Creature, in theological, terms and non existing. Which do you believe, in God or the Creature?