Comment: "Never talk about politics or religion."

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"Never talk about politics or religion."

There is wisdom in that old saw, but we HAVE to talk politics, don';t we? And having one's spirituality reflected in their politics is a good thing, but if we can avoid the language of religion it is one less area where we will self-divide. If you wish to make a plea to Catholics to do something, then start a "Catholics for Paul" site or group or something.
I do not like even saying the pledge since they added "under God" and not for the reason most people assume. We are NOT "One nation under God" we are a nation under the Constitution. Nations are a construct of men, we are one earth under God. So imagine how it makes me feel to try to attend a political meeting and have them start with "Bow your heads."
Excuse me? I did not come here for extra tyranny.... My spirituality does not really leave much room for bowing my head for other men.
So my answer is: Yes, if none of them insist on figuring out who is Catholic, who is Protestant and who is atheist.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.