Comment: Is there a doctor in the house?

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Is there a doctor in the house?

They call Dr. Paul a "kook" for his explanations of how monetary mischief has ruined our economy and the drastic remedies needed to keep our economy alive (not to mention our freedom). David Walker has been on a crusade for years to wake up America to this looming financial crisis. Perhaps they will call him a kook too, but the economy is already in a recession and will likely be announced by Super Tuesday or shortly thereafter. This may not be "The Big One" but it sure isn't going to be any fun. The Republican cookie cutters insist that they can simply "cut pork," but pork spending amounts to not much more than 1% of the Federal budget. Sorry. That's like putting a bandaid on an open artery. The Democrats are talking about socializing medicine to control costs, but the bulk of the $53 trillion bill is medicare/medicaid and it doesn't cover anywhere near what they're promising in universal health care.

All of them ignore the simple fact that foreign creditors are losing faith in the American workers' ability to pay the debts our government has heaped on our backs and are on the verge of divesting US paper assets. I see no end to this that doesn't involve massive inflation and economic hardship unparalleled in history. Without Dr. Paul, Washington will keep trying to print and legislate its way out of the mess it created and throw this country into a long stagflationary depression. How could any other issue trump this? It's time to stop exposing the demons in the shadows and start enlightening our neighbors to the devil in the fiscal details. This isn't a partisan issue. It's a matter of life and death for our republic and everything hinges on this election. We need the zeal, dedication, and patience of evangelists...heck, we already have the prophet!