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Mr. Albert Howard is on his way to Manchester, NH in order to file for a recount. We bought the ticket and we know he's on his way out to the airport. There has been some talk that this will not work or that we are violating some FEC rules here. Well the FEC doesn't have a quorum and is currently non-functioning. And who says this is a campaign donation? We simply want each vote to count (exactly once). We now know that the first precint is going to cost $2000 which means we have enough currently to at least cover 5 distri cts. This is a start. If there is anything going on there, it will begin to be exposed only through a recount.

We've been on GCN network today with Alex Jones and Jack Blood, discussing options and strategy. For further coverage, tune in live to our show 'The Ron Paul Road Show featuring Granny Warriors' at We want to hear from all you out there, your ideas are what keeps this movement going. So call in 5-6 central, 6-7 eastern. The phone number is 1-800-259-9231.

Keep chipin in, the Fat Lady has yet to sing.
Granny Warrior

Granny Warrior