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First Things First

Dr. Paul has mentioned that things will have to happen gradually. You're right that he will have to be more specific. As I see it, we will not be able to do away with the Income tax until, at the very least, the foreign debt is paid. Social Security and Medicare will have to be strictly means-tested; only those who can't live without it will get it and today's workers must be able to opt out. I would like to see an Amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget fixed at some low percentage of GDP outside of times of declared war. Only when we firmly tie the hands of Congress to spend, can we even seriously consider ridding ourselves of the evil that is the IRS.

I would also recommend we all send e-mails to Glenn Beck showing our appreciation for his very fair interview of Dr. Paul and his latest mention of him in this most recent interview with David Walker. He did this despite the fact that some overzealous supporters have tried to make his life HELL! Let's let him know that we aren't all jerks, eh? With more people like Beck talking about the same things Dr. Paul has been talking about for decades, fewer people will find him "kooky" and will realize that he offers the only sensible solutions to the economic disaster we're facing. The interventionist policies of EVERY administration and Congress since FDR have created this mess and will produce a stagflationary Depression unparalleled in history. Dr. Paul is this country's only hope of leaving our children a better nation than we inherited.