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Many of my best friends and associates, who I care about deeply, are not appreciating this thread and it is being re-posted as an example of what we all believe. Not so nor helpful at a critical moment in all our efforts. Yes, you can speak your mind, of course, but some are taking this as more than one person's opinion and discretion is the better part of valor maybe please.

For the record, this thread does not speak for all of us, just one individual. This is not the campaign's position for sure. The Tea Party has been dead on correct on most things and where would we be without their sacrifices.

Please refrain from this kind of attack here everyone. Dr. Paul would never say these things and you are hurting him and us when a lot of good people are coming here to check him and us out with open minds. Thank you for considering this viewpoint.

For the record, I have attended every Tea Party in my area, supported the efforts and even spoken at two including immediately after our new Senator when he was polling in single digits. I am proud to know them. Notably, I was a McCain supporter before I became a Ron Paul supporter in 2007. Easy. Easy. Please.

Thank you,
Scott Olver
Orlando, Florida
Dedicated Paul-bot/Constitutionalist/Liberty Activist :)

"Do you want to know who you are? Act. Don't ask. What you DO will delineate and define you." - Thomas Jefferson