Comment: Reject the PHONY, hijacked 'Tea Party'

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Reject the PHONY, hijacked 'Tea Party'

I have always enjoyed reading 'The Daily Paul', and participated in many of the original 'Tea Party events. I must take issue with the people arguing to 'dump' the Tea Party- they are making the same big mistake that the MSM does with regards to the Tea Party. The 'Tea Party' is not some monolithic 'spider' organization with a heirarchical structure. At least it's not SUPPOSED to be!

The Tea Party began as a 'Starfish' organization, which is more akin to a decentralized terrorist-cell type organization (but without all that violence and secrecy!). The problem is that many GOP and Big-Money Neo-Cons decided to co-opt the good name of the 'Tea Party for their own purposes, and have, well... Dropped a dookie in the Tea Party punchbowl for the rest of us. It's very easy to see who the faux 'Tea Brewers' are- they generally have a 'Leader ' or leadership that directs the people below them, as opposed to the bottom-up structure of most REAL grass-roots Tea Party groups. Furthermore, these Faux 'Tea Brewers' generally support Big-Government, Big War, and Anti-Civil Liberties causes and candidates.

As a matter of fact, ANY Tea Party that will ENDORSE a candidate is highly suspect! Rating the candidates, inviting them to speak, being inclusive- sure. But actually saying 'You're more 'Tea Party' than him (or her) and people should vote for you' is antithetical to the original principles of the Tea Party Movement!

So to all the ‎'Daily Paul' people, I say: Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! There are MANY more people that identify with the original Tea Party, than the bastardized Neo-Con monstrosity that CLAIIMS the NAME 'Tea Party'. Unfortunately, the Neo-Con (broken) wing of theTea Party gets all the publicity from the captured corporate media, since it is essentially a propaganda tool of the same Progressives that control BOTH wings of the DC Big Government MONEY Party! So reach out to those with Tea Party Ideals, not to those who use the 'Tea Party' moniker as a sheep's skin over their Wolfish intentions!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.