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I don't have a case citation

But think about it. If all you had to do to avoid the limitations on donations was to write the check to the company doing the work your candidate has requested instead of writing the check to the candidate, that is no limitation at all!

Hillary could ask NBC to broadcast her videos all over the US for a month and then some rich supporter could just pay NBC $10 million and the limits wouldn't apply? Of course not. But that is exactly what is being proposed here. Albert asks for a recount and Granny warrior pays for it. The rule is that for the activites of the organization to be free from donation limits - like the blimp - the campaign has to have no involvement. If HQ had asked Larry Lepard to put his ad in the paper, he COULDN'T have done it.

Look, I don't support this recount absent approval from HQ. But I am telling you how to do it anyway because it is going to be worse if you break the law doing this. You need to have each individual make the donation directly to Albert with the proper forms filled out. If you try and have Granny warrior (an individual) write a check in excess of the federal limit for individual donations, one of three things is going to happen: 1. Albert says no because HE will be in hot water if he knows about it; 2. New Hampshire will say no; 3. There will be an FEC investigation and a scandal and maybe people going to jail.

I'm trying to help you people not screw this up. But I'm not going to go do legal research for you. If you insist on following people who have not bothered to do the research or even think about this themselves, then go for it. But you have been warned.