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The post about the negative story about RP's newsletters has been voted up 124 times... more than any story I've ever seen on the Daily Paul. In fact, the top 5 posts right now are all about the negative story of the newsletters.

We are gaining momentum folks, and if new people come here and all they see are posts about some "racist" newsletters, it might turn them off to RP, just when we're breaking through.

My post about something POSITIVE... a video that actually puts RP's foreign policy into context so that people can understand why he's not a kook for wanting to get out of the middle east... has 3 votes.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here... just trying to get the word out about a video that's changing people's minds left and right.

If you think my idea is stupid...say so. Do something. Just stop beating the newsletter issue to death at the very least. It does nothing to help his campaign... only hurts.

The biggest problem most people have with RP is not that he didn't write some off color comments in a newsletter over 20 years ago... it's his foreign policy. This video changes people's minds on that issue. Even if you don't like my idea, vote it up so maybe some new people coming on the site will read something positive about Ron Paul... instead of all these posts about racism.

We all know RP's not a racist. Let it go. You're just playing into the opposition's hands.