Comment: I agree but... It won't help

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I agree but... It won't help

It won't help. Why you ask? It's a great video, so why would it not be a good idea?. Well because we're already reaching the people that will actually go to the computer and youtube it. In other words, we're already reaching the youth, but we're not reaching the older demographics (in broad terms.

Will we reach the older demographic with a, "go youtube it"? No. That's why it won't help.

Just as a by thing about American foreign policy:
For me as a Swede it was an eyeopener to understand that a lot of Americans don't see it this way. It should be obvious. I remember just after 9/11 and I a journalist was talking to an American on the street and the American said, "They did this because we're free and prosperous" and I actually laughed... Thinkin: "Yea right, you go and sacrifice your own life just because some fat bastard can shop at Wallmart?, I didn't think so." I could never have guessed that that silly comment would be the "known truth".