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Dissident View

I simply cannot defend the crap excuse that Ron Paul has proffered. He needs to show remorse for not protecting his legacy and what appeared in the newsletters.

1) Even if one assumes that newsletters are written by surrogates. The very surrogates should have written material that the figurehead would endorse and benefit from. The Ron Paul name was a brand that should have been protected. If a newsletter author knew that Paul eschewed racism or cherry picking to insult blacks, then they would never write such material. supposing they did, then Paul has to take the blame, it's his legacy.

2) Opposition to the war on drugs is a staple of libertarian sentiment. To argue that Paul disavows drug prohibition because he is especially fond of blacks is weak. Indeed, Paul allows for individual states to criminalize drugs, so what's the point? To be against the drug war is not to like black people.

3) The supposition that a racist must treat all blacks poorly is nonsensical. Abraham Lincoln was a racist and he was fond of Frederick Douglas. A given slave-master would care more about his black servants than his white neighbor within the context of the slavery system. The "I have a black friend" argument is laughable.

4) I will never concede that the newsletters were racist. The content was meant to denigrate and stereotype blacks, but it was not about white supremacy or advocating violence against blacks.

5) I consider many men as my heroes with whom I disagree on religion and race. Mitt Romney's hero is the founder Mormonism and said founder had an unflattering opinion of blacks. A racist is quite capable of admitting that Asians are superior in intellect to whites. Therefore, to admire someone of another 'race' does not preclude racism. I could believe that blacks are largely inferior but listen to Sugar Belly and Hendrix.