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Saying this will reach ALL BABY BOOMERS

because ALL baby boomers are into the Internet.

However, I do agree it won't reach the baby boomer's parents. Many don't have computers and aren't interested in the Internet. So, there are other ways, though.

Try these:


especially of the trooper in the beginning of that wonderful you tube video clip & also the trooper walking in the graveyard, with a few things splashed in between & we can "educate" the older folks who vote

BILBOARDS in cities~~~

with "Have you had enough?" with "More money has been donated by our soldiers than all the Republicans put together AND Obama to RP"....."Now, do you believe our boys? They want to come home!"

Bilboards cost around $1,000 per month, depending on the city, but they are an extremely effective way to promote Ron Paul, because THOUSANDS OF CARS drive by these signs EACH & EVERY DAY!!

If I lived in a BIG city, I'd be getting our RP groups together to pool money into billboards at strategic locations!