Comment: hahah, that was great

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hahah, that was great


"We KNOW Nancy Pelosi is doing insider trading in Congress, buys stocks we can't buy, her net worth goes up 61% over the past year, and when CNN asks her about it, she says:

'It's not true, I don't wanna talk about it, I have nothing more to say'

And that's it. They take it. Nothing more is said about it. They drop it and never ask her again.


But with Ron Paul?: newsletter comes out 20 years ago,... he didn't write it, read it, does not in any way agree with what was written, dis-avows it ...

... gets elected to Congress more than once while being asked about it 1000 times, over 20 years.

And CNN asks him about it. And asks him about it. And asks him. And asks him AGAIN. and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ....