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Comment: Ron's response to newsletter question

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Ron's response to newsletter question

I would love to see this type of response:

"I take full responsibility since the newsletter was under my name. I was practicing medicine at the time and someone else wrote something I do not approve of, but under my watch my newsletter put words on pieces of paper and those words may offend some people. I take responsibility for the mismanagement as it resulted in hurting some people's feelings, which is serious business.

But, it happens to the best of us. For example, under the management of Barack Obama the ATF smuggled American guns to Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the direct deaths of dozens of people. His mismanagement resulted in people dying.

So those are two sides of the same coin: would you say Obama's mismanagement that resulted in death was worse than mine which resulted in hurt feelings? Would you say his mismanagement disqualifies him from the Presidency? Does mine?"

If they keep pushing, keep bringing up examples:

"Since this is obviously a slow news day, did you know:

Under Bernanke and Obama's management the Fed gave $16T of loans to foreign banks, and it wasn't until I led the charge to audit them that we found out. They wanted to keep it secret. This was tax payer money!

That example of mismanagement cost the American people $16T. That's a hot lead! Go report on that!"

If they keep pushing:

"Another hot lead on a slow news day:

Did you know that Barack Obama is about to sign a bill into law that would make legal the indefinite military detention of American citizens at the whim of the President, with no right to trial?

That's another hot lead. You missed that story because you were following Herman Cain's sex life and 20 year old newsletters.

If I was an American voter I'd be more concerned with the repeal of the Bill of Rights. Hot lead, go report on that!"