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Comment: The roots of war

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The roots of war

are not disagreements among peoples. Ordinary people around the world are too busy with their everyday lives to worry much about what's happening somewhere far away.

Wars start because some men get rich from them, and others covet the power that governments claim in wartime. The "military-industrial complex" thrives on wars, and their campaign contributions fuel all the "mainstream" political campaigns. This is not news.

The real mystery is why ordinary people are willing to FIGHT wars against people around the world who have never attacked us. It goes far beyond the feeble propaganda used like a g-string over naked aggression. And the answer is both terrifying and enormously liberating: People believe obedience to those who call themselves "government" is a moral duty. Following orders given by politicians ("Obeying the Law") is commonly regarded as the mark of a "good" person. "Breaking the law" makes you a "criminal," and a "bad" person. Soldiers willing to do whatever they are told to do by their "superiors" are the people who make wars possible, and their sin is not malice; it is their belief in the most dangerous superstition: government, the "rightful ruler." This is terrifying, because this slavish devotion to the myth of "rightful rulers" is something we can all recognize in ourselves, if we are honest. And this is also liberating, when we discover that it is ONLY a myth. The politicians are real, the soldiers are real, their guns are real -- but their rightful authority to rule us is a myth. Read more here.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose