Comment: I disagree that it won't help. People will go look.

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I disagree that it won't help. People will go look.

Some will anyway. Just because people are on the internet doesn't mean that's where they get their politics news from. Plenty of people spend hours on FB, then go get their news from Fox.

I understand your point about it being obvious about our foreign policy, but really it's not. It should be, but most republicans have it beat into their head NON STOP in the media that Muslims hate us because of who they are and who we are. They talk on and on about how the Jihadists want to destroy America, kill the infidels and "wipe Israel off the map". (Plus we have short memories when it comes to this kind of stuff. We live in a consumer-driven bubble. We're not over there seeing the people die... and they will not show it on our news.)

Most Americans are too busy watching American Idol and buying $4 coffee at starbucks to question what is told them.

Brainwashing works. I should know. I was brainwashed myself at one time, until the War in Iraq turned up no WMD's. If people only hear and see one viewpoint constantly... it becomes their paradigm.