Comment: I think Ron Paul's response would be even stronger, if

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I think Ron Paul's response would be even stronger, if

he actually grabbed what he knew they were throwing at him, state in more detail than good old Gloria with her "incendiary", say those statements were horrible, I am not a racist, anybody who knows me including my enemies know that I am not a racist...and then the rest of what he's been saying, it was an economics journal, those statements were less than 1% (less than 1/10th of one percent), I did not become aware of them until 10 years after the fact, why don't you look at the CNN interview I did two days ago or the one 3 years ago with Wolf Blitzer on CNN...give money back for advising people to buy gold before the economic collapse?...those statement were not representative of me or the newsletter for that matter...I was the Publisher and those statements got passed me 22 years ago...When I became aware of them as I have stated to CNN many, many times I did not write them, I disavow them...And we supporters need to know how to answer this too when we encounter the inevitable sleeper who gets his/her news from MSM. And don't forget a referral to Tmot. This is just the beginning. Let us stay strong, keep a sense of humor. Grab any challenge - and there will be many - address it directly and when possible use humor. Have confidence and faith, the Truth wins! RON PAUL 2012!