Comment: Opinion of Another Writer at the DC: Why I support Ron Paul

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Opinion of Another Writer at the DC: Why I support Ron Paul

By Charlie Siggins Published: 10:11 AM 12/22/2011 | Updated: 2:47 AM 12/24/2011

With the New Hampshire primary just weeks away, the GOP candidates are pulling out all the stops. And yet, for all of their efforts to undercut each other and President Obama, the solutions of all but one candidate are woefully inadequate. That’s why I’m voting for Representative Ron Paul for president.

As every American knows, this country has serious problems. We’re $15 trillion in debt and show few signs of being able to balance our budget. The official unemployment rate is slightly under 9%, but it’s clear that the real unemployment rate is somewhere in the double digits. Over one million abortions take place each year. Our education system is allowing our young people to fall behind their international peers in the classroom. Overseas, we are throwing our military at every problem, regardless of the human and financial costs.

And yet most of the Republican candidates are offering platitudes as solutions to these problems.

President Obama is even worse. Overwhelmed by the challenges he’s facing and unable to overcome them with inspirational rhetoric, he’s desperately seeking re-election. This man wants to force everyone to buy health insurance. He wants to help overthrow nations and install governments that may soon be threatening us. He truly believes that government can and must be the solution to most of humanity’s problems, despite the mounting evidence of government’s failures.

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