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I'll try to explain beter

I first found out about "The Neos", when I read about Rumsfeld, Libby, Perle and others who had been Democrats that were on Bush's administration, and as time went on, the list of RINOs/DINOs expanded (I now call them NEOs), Perry was Al Gore's campaign manager, Newt was Clinton's man, and now that I've joined the GOP, I'm seeing Democrats running the Republican Central Committee, because there are no Republicans "home" or interested. They admit they have no loyalty to any party. A party is just a vehicle to get their agenda, as in UN Agenda.

Voters can cast votes, but the elections have been rigged. I was a precinct inspector in L.A., 1992, my area led with Perot and Brown, Clinton was nothing, and as protocal would have it, I put the locked box of what represented 10K ballots in my car to drop off, with a poll worker. As we sat in the car, in line to drop off the box, on the radio, Tom Brokhaw (I forget how to spell his name?) He annouced Clinton won. Me and the poll worker, and inspectors across the Western States, said "WTF?" That incident is what fueled Nader's campaign. I volunteered for Nader, to clean up the elections, we adveraged 22 law suits in 17 states per election. It's sooo corrupt, I had enough. And then I found Ron Paul.

Not only am I voting for Ron Paul, I'm going to work the election. I hope everyone who wants to vote for Ron Paul, joins the Republican Party and registers to work the polls.

I think Ron Paul is right on, and my freedom is worth every effort.