Comment: Great interview with a truly

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Great interview with a truly

Great interview with a truly unbiased journalist (Michelle Fields).
I thought Los Angeles was like that (people talk to you because of what they can get from you) but little did I know that District of Criminals rolls that way. Wow! I agree, this is truly sad! Sounds like DC is a pit of snakes. That was certainly very informative.
My favorite part was interviewing the rich-tax-us-more folks. What hypocrites! I always thought if you wanted higher taxes you should offer to pay more. It was great to see someone actually put it in action. Am I surprised that none of the rich slimeballs wanted to donate to the Treasury Department? Of course not! I suspect none of those scumbags are paying any taxes, they are affiliated with some corporation sucking off the government tit, that's why they want to tax people more.