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Comment: One Smart Cookie...

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One Smart Cookie...

Many of the rich are the perfect embodiment of the concept of cognitive dissonance.

They also fail to mention that the rich often put their money into tax free foundations and thus pay no tax, while still being able to use their funds to accomplish things they want to do in the world (like the bill and melinda gates foundation).

So the rich who cry for raising taxes may not even be subject to those taxes, and the burden falls onto the upper middle class (who actually are the small business owners that create most of the jobs).

The videos in that link illustrate 2 of the current problems society now harbors... cognitive dissonance and doublethink.

Our society is sick.... and the medicine we all need is LIBERTY!

As far as Occupy goes...

She is lucky she only got jabbed in the back a couple of times with a baton.. I am sure everyone has seen the police do much worse, as I know I have.

I find it interesting that she had a preconceived notion of what to expect @ Occupy based on the mainstream media's projection of the movement (which is how most people form their opinions), and her view changed very quickly once she had some personal insight and was faced with the reality of what was going on.

She hit the nail on the head though when she said they should also be focused on the government as well. The problems are brought about by the government collusion with corporations and wall street(subsidizing special interests and interfering in the markets) ... and the federal reserve (and monetary policy) is at the heart of it all.

I truly wish we still had journalists of her caliber on the networks.. the corporate conglomerates have destroyed mainstream journalism, and morphed it into infotainment PROGRAMMING of the populace. You cannot maintain a republic without the people being informed, and we have drifted so far from that.

This is a good interview. (the TSA piece was a great idea)

Think for yourself......Question authority...