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k smith, i am a little bit confused now. you were claiming that the people from the mises institute were 'false prophets' because they 'promote dangerous ideas' and 'promulgate lies'.

and your support for this claim is now a blogpost on the lvm institute website where they themselves are debunking a 'false prophet' - a fact you acknowledge yourself. am i missing something here?

i do not know what your background is and how familiar you are with the austrian school of economics, but not all austrians agree on everything and not all libertarians have a deep understanding of austrian economics. take the 3 generations of the austrian school menger, mises and rothbard and you will see that one generation builds on the other, but menger would probably have had his issues with rothbards anarchical approach. both are austrian economists, though.

would a minarchist promote 'dangerous ideas' in the eyes of a strict capital anarchist? maybe. but from a general point of view the capital anarchist would seem a little bit ridiculous claiming so.