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As a former Christian, this is what I don't get about politics....

If you are a real Christian, wouldn't you adhere to the Golden Rule? Or does "Do unto others....." not apply to foreign nations and people who are different from us.

I think this is one argument where RP has fallen short in describing....he'll rush through an answer, he'll mention it " what would we think...?"

But I've thought he's always just better off by going "OK, let me answer your question this way. Would you like a foreign country forcibly imposing their views on you? Would you want them to be in your back yard, armed, and patrolling your streets...and every now and then a bomb goes off?"

I think it's that simple and I think his Iowa Caucus speech should heavily lean towards the Golden Rule as it relates to Foreign Affairs (and really, all sort of policy---I wouldn''t want someone in the Government imposing their views on me much like I don't like imposing my views unto others)

My two cents..... Golden Rule it RP!!! And this is coming from a non-believer