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protag I'm sorry ...

... if I implied my intent is to mystify the discipline of economics. That is not my intent at all. My intent is to warn others there are many who claim to espouse Austrian theory who promote dangerous ideas. They cloak themselves in Austrian theory, and promote ideas that will increase the speed at which our wealth is drained from our pockets. My intent is to demonstrate that some of these ideas have infiltrated the Mises Institute, which many look to as the Mecca of Austrian theory.

In an earlier post you said "not all Austrians agree on everything... menger would probably have had his issues with rothbards anarchical approach." Why do you advocate sticking to something in which there is no consensus of opinion? This is a contradiction in terms. It is not possible to stick to something that is nebulous.

Manipulating people is easily done by convincing them to hitch their cart to a nebulous idea. When things go south you can deflect blame. It appears to me Austrianism is being hijacked to do this.

Dr Menger would not be a happy camper!

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe