Comment: This was great!

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This was great!

Doug answered precisely and redirected the age to the proper concerns which are positions Paul has vs Obama. I would absolutely and without hesitation prefer Paul at age 76 dying in office (heaven forbid) after two years over some Republican rhino for eight years! Also note how Reagan stated it, that he felt it unfair to have all his years of experience over his opponent. Which leads us to the importance of having the appropriate VP selected. Kesinich rumbling of VP by some here would be a complete failure in continuing Paul's policies.

I'm also thankful about the description of Paul being to the left Obama being corrected so directly. The Republican debate's facilitator and many pundits have been using it and it is such a ruse. Ron is not close to being alined with nor worse that Obama. Newt's rambling description of Ron being just as bad as Obama is so off base and misleading that Newt just adds another layer of slim to his salamander character. Which is probably the reason he just continues to fall.

Newt's description of Ron Paul's supporters as being indecent should also be attacked. The campaign may want to defend us in his stump speeches if not at his acceptance of the nomination speech! ;-)

Iowan's, I pray, don't be deceived by many of the pundits who are part of this political attack machine.

Have a blessed day!

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