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PLEASE Doug or Dr. Paul, or WHOEVER gets asked the age question again, can you PLEASE refocus the interviewer on the REAL issue. The candidate's health.

Isn't that the real question? Is the candidate healthy enough to serve as Pres.?

So, here's how to shut this quesiotn down from being asked again and always answer it this way.

Answer: Yes ron Paul is 76, why do you ask?
Interviewer: Isnt that a concern or issue?
Answer: Why?
Interviewer: Well, the health of the candidate in holding this country's highest and most pressurized office
Answer: ohhhhh!!! ok, you're asking about the candidates health. ok. Well I'll let you know what I know of Dr. Paul's health.
His resting heart rate is below xx
His elevated heart rate during exercise is xx
His weight is xx
His father lived to be ?? years old
His cholesterol is xx
He rides his bike xx miles per day

NOW! When will WE get the other candidates statistics?

There isnt a healthier candidate in the race, INCLUDING Obama!! You wanna stage a race?
Newt would puke before Ron broke a sweat
Perry would keil over just after Newt puked
Bachman would last a little longer, then Romney would be next with Santorum infishing closest to Dr. Paul and by the way, Santorum is 30 years Ron's junior, but STILL not tough enough OR healthy enough to compete in Dr. Paul's league.
You wanna compare like stress tests??
Bring it on!!
By the way, let me know when you ask Newt and the others about their health cause I'd like to tune in and get a good laugh!!
Smile the whole time your pounding the interviewer and laugh at the end.

Jackson County Georgia

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