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the two examples you provided do not support your claims. i have explained this above. do you have other examples?

regarding your comments on menger:

1. if you really need to address menger by his official title, you should not degrade him to a mere Dr. he was an o.Univ.Prof. Dr.iur. (ordentlicher Universitaetsprofessor Doktor der Rechtswissenschaften), but i think that 'carl menger' or just 'menger' should do.

2. he was actually very well received by his contemporaries in the austro-hungarian monarchy, as he was highly respected for founding the 'Grenznutzenschule' (school of marginal utility) which today is known as the austrian or viennese school. jevons in the uk and walras in france discovered marginal utility at the same time; so that the marginalist 'revolution' affected most of europe. only the economists in the german reich who had a historic/empiricist approach to economics opposed mengers findings. menger even became the private tutor of the austrian archduke rudolf. therefore, stating 'his ideas were not well received by his contemporaries' is clearly false.