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Wonderful video

This was a wonderful video, I teared up. The superPAC did a great job with this.

I was talking to some relatives who are Fox News (ugh) watchers, and they didn't even know Dr. Paul was an OB. Great job, media. /s I told them about his delivering 4,000 babies, his adamant pro-life stance, and his refusal to take medicaid monies and pro bono work. They were very impressed. They don't have the internet, btw, and have to rely on cable news. They're in their 70's, fwiw.

We may have two new converts on our hands as well as countless more - they love to talk politics and have tons of church friends who are in the same situation: later in life, no internet, no way to find out about RP and have no idea who to vote for. They're all GOPers but anti-Gingrich and -Romney and in a quandary. Ron Paul 2012, folks! :)