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Well, I agree with you all; I was actually fighting the good fight on there a while ago with this comment:

"Freedom of speech and activism to spread the message of liberty is a double-edged sword for Ron Paul. Those old newsletters are the baggage that results from his failure to police every word that goes out in the name of spreading the message of liberty. But if he doesn't encourage everyone who basically agrees with him to go out and spread the word, the message dies. I don't see any major corporations throwing money at a campaign for liberty, do you? It's a conundrum. It's a difficult message to sell, and it can't be done in a sound bite or a 30-second debate question. But if intelligent people don't listen and think and respond to this message, we will find that our rights will continue to erode and our economy will only get worse. The whole premise of waiting for the economy to recover because the middle class will buy enough on credit to bring back jobs is bogus now. The middle class has been decimated and credit isn't available. Our jobs have gone overseas.

But you commenters here and Huffington Post, just go ahead and keep focusing on 20 year old newsletters than Dr. Paul didn't even write. That ought to help restore America."

But I can only take the huff and puff for so long before I have to get some air.

Somebody did respond to my comment asking if they could use it, and that gave me the idea that others might want to, also. Feel free, Mary