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To see who is latching onto...

...Austrian economics, please see my comment above.

protag I am sorry if I implied the Mises Institute has hijacked, latched onto, or twisted Austrian economics. This is not my intent.

My intent is to point out that Keynesianism has been used to support ideas and policies that have drained the wealth from the pockets of those who create wealth thru work. Now that Keynesianism has been discredited, those who benefit from these ideas and policies need a new theory on which to hang their hat, that can be manipulated to support ideas that appear to promote economic reform, but will yield the same wealth-draining results.

Austrianism is being used in this way.

Austrian theory is gaining popularity in the national conversation. Popularity attracts opportunists.

I am warning those who are the true defenders of Austrian principles.

I am warning the uninitiated, so they will be aware there are Austrian pretenders.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe