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i think if menger were alive today, people would address him as prof. menger, not dr. menger.

if you are talking about albert einstein, would you call him prof. einstein, dr. einstein, einstein or albert einstein? all of those are correct. i would only use one of the last two. if he was standing in front of me (not that that would be possible), i would prob address him as prof. einstein. i guess most people would agree. with menger it's just the same.

but, honestly, it is not all that important.

btw, the 'grenznutzenschule' was the orthodox school in europe pretty much right after menger published 'volkswirtschaftslehre' in 1871. his findings were just to persuasive, only the German economists didn't follow in the beginning. his student böhm-bawerk was an international celebrity in the late 19th century. Afaik the term 'austrian' was attritbuted to the school not before the middle of the 20th century. the German historic approach had vanished long before.