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Comment: I was really pissed off about

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I was really pissed off about

I was really pissed off about this one in particular. I always admired Thomas Sowell, and given his accomplishments in life I probably always will to some degree, but this guy is who really turned me onto free markets and helped me understand it alot better. Its a shame, he's a brilliant man, too bad he's ok with borrowing into oblivion as long as its to send my generation to die in the middle east.

And isnt the primary the time when you're supposed to vote for the person who most closely represents your ideals? This wasted vote/gotta vote for who can win is just bullsh!t. If all republicans voted for the one candidate who actually represented traditional republican values, Mitt would be begging Dr Paul for a cabinet position right now.

I have to return some videotapes...