Comment: Get on there with your comments! I just submitted this!

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Get on there with your comments! I just submitted this!

I just freakin JOINED facebook to get on there and take Sowell to task. Any FB users? You know what to do! Here is what I wrote:


Thomas Sowell paints Ron Paul supports as merely "liking" him.

No, Mr. Sowell, it goes far beyond that. Why don't you ask the "boots on the ground?"

Gingrich's "boots on the ground", or the biggest campaign contributors, are a green energy company, an ethanol company, and a real estate company. Romney's biggest contributors, his boots on the ground, (with only 10% coming from actual individuals) are TAARP bailed out to the tune of $10 Billilon Goldman Sachs, then Credit Suisse, then Morgan Stanley!

Ron Paul's biggest contributors? The Army. The Air Force. The Navy. In that order. And as those organizations can't contribute, this means these are all coming from INDIVIDUALS!

Which boots on the ground are you going to listen to Mr. Sowell? Special interests? Or our troops? Just who else is qualified to know more about foreign policy more than they?

Ron Paul 2012! ~Chris / Norfolk, VA.

Norfolk, VA

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