Comment: I love being a Paul supporter

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I love being a Paul supporter

I love being a Paul supporter. We back each other up like no other supporters do. And yet we are mostly individual minded libertarians who are against collectivism. I argue that this completely proves the fact that voluntary charity through compassion, awareness and education completely STOMPS forced charity via entitlement programs.

If we do a food drive, we completely destroy the competition. Our food deposits have to be measured in the tons. When we raise money you need at least a 7-8 digit counter. When we put signs up, EVEYTHING gets signed. Even blimps are not safe from getting signed. When we go onto political forums, we educate EVERYONE that is ignorant and back each other up with facts, history and logical reasoning. When the MSM machine tries to mock Dr Paul or us, we make them pay by spamming the truth in their faces. Best of all, IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!

I don't even like Kelly Clarkson's music, but I am going to support her because she supports liberty and that helps our cause. I hope she climbs on the charts because of us. We can prove to the world that it's good to be on our side lol. You get to promote liberty and get TONS of love.