Comment: Very Disappointed in Sowell.

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Very Disappointed in Sowell.

Very Disappointing.

Sowell talks about treating elections as occasions to vent emotions, yet Thomas Sowell proceeds to do just that. He advocates voting for someone based on popularity. He ought to know better. Advocating for popularity over principle is irrational and nothing more than emotional venting. There is nothing rational about supporting candidates that for any practical purpose are no different whatsoever than Obama. Romney and Newt and Obama all ignore the Constitution, support or supported socialized medicine, Fannie and Freddie and other GSEs, the Dept of Ed and federal takeover of education and in actually federal takeover of nearly everything, bailouts, raising the debt ceiling, continuing deficits, expanding government, the income tax, NDAA, the Patriot (aka Soviet Act), SOPA, and other enabling acts, and on and on.

If you have a 50% chance of being guillotines and a 45% chance at firing squad and a 5% of escaping, do you vote for the guillotine because it yields the best chance of winning? Apparently Thomas Sowell does. That is not rational. Popularity does not trump principles.

And his fearmongering about Iran is nothing but emotional venting rather than logic and reason. The entire opposition to Dr. Paul is based on nothing more than irrational emotional appeals. “Oh Iraq has WMDs and will invade America and take over the world.” – How ridiculous was that, and the WMD claim turned out to be a lie. Now the boy who cried wolf is at it again “Iran is a threat to the US and will invade America and takeover Israel and create a New World Caliphate.” Pure emotional venting and complete abandonment of reality, reason and logic.

Shame on Sowell who I used to admire.

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