Comment: NOW #3 LET'S GET KELLY TO #1

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The Kelly Clarkson album is now third on Amazon's Best Seller's List. I just bought mine. This is the kind of music I listen to. I own her first album; I really do love her music and voice. I am sure that all of us would like to see her at number one. If you do not like the genre of her music it would make a great belated Christmas gift or Birthday gift for someone else. I also like Adele's music but wouldn't mind seeing her second on that list and Kelly right on top.

It was cruel how Kelly was treated. It appears the media is trying to scare celebrities from endorsing Ron Paul. The main stream media has been claiming we have been cheating on the online polls by voting over and over again. These album sales have been saying otherwise. We are large and in charge. Keep the Kelly Clarkson Musicbomb going by spreading the word through the Internet or to friends.

Please follow her on Twitter; she lost some followers.
Here is a link to follow her current rank on Amazon.