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Comment: I know the history between

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I know the history between

I know the history between Rockwell and Crane. But what you're implying is that Crane lied about Rockwell writing the letters that are damaging Ron.

It certainly seems that everyone is assuming Lew Rockwell wrote those newsletters. And it would fit in with the fact that he's been Ron's ghostwriter for decades, newsletters and books included.

So, are you implying that because Cato is a bunch of jackasses, which they are, Lew Rockwell should not come forward and help his supposed buddy, Ron? Because if Lew Rockwell did take credit for what he probably wrote, Ron would be off the hook to a large degree. However, Lew, knowing Ron is not the type to give him up, is allowing Ron's presidential campaign to twist in the wind and get slammed on every TV network.

Or is Lew, by his silence, saying that Ron really did write those letters? Because I know Ron, and I do not believe that for a second.

The above post was in response to this, but I put it in the wrong place:
Submitted by marlow on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 12:24.

Crane and CATO have detested detested Rockwell and the Mises Institute since before its founding. Rothbard and the Kochs, founders of CATO had a falling out. Rothbard later jumped on board the Mises Institute when Rockwell founded it. The Kochs had "instructed" Rockwell not to create the Mises Institute as they had decided Mises intransigence toward government was contrary to their objectives. Their economist of choice was Hayek who was more willing to massage his ideas to make them palatable to the power elite whom the Kochs wanted to influence. So Crane is using the newsletter flap to get a dig in against Rockwell.