Comment: Whoever wrote the articles . . .

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Whoever wrote the articles . . .

needs to come forward now and do the right thing. To hell with their "reputation", such as it is. It does not matter if it is Lew or someone unknown, or if they are dead.

Someone knows who was behind them and should step out from behind the shadows and take this monkey off of Dr. Paul's back.

Anyone old enough to have lived through half or more of this past century has had some level of "racist" thoughts on occasion. Racism is just another of the many flavors of elevating yourself or your group you believe you are a part of, above your fellow man in order to justify your narrow-minded views, your fears, your angers, etc.

Nearly all of us have done it. Blacks, whites, jews, christians, etc., etc. Perhaps even Dr. Paul at some point in his ancient history. but I don't see how anyone could honestly believe that of this man now. I simply can't.

May the truth be disclosed now, and let the chips fall where they may. May the guilty party have the courage to step forward now and face their past. You are certainly not alone. Not by a long shot.

Who in the press, the candidates, or from whatever corner feels righteous enough to throw stones at another? None of us should cower before our accusers for any past mistakes, even racism. It's called GROWTH, for God's sake! It's amazing that any of us can grow out of our past programming at all. But we all do, eventually. It's just one of life's little miracles. So why don't we all just stop judging and condemning and show a little mercy?