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Spelling error

Sorry to nitpick: in the phrase "the INDEFINATE DETENTION OF AMERICANS", the 2nd word is "indefinite," not "indefinate". Also the MSM coverage of this has been intentionally misleading - Obomber's "reservations" about signing it weren't the result of some new-found civil libertarianism. In fact, the opposite was true; he was threatening to veto it because it wasn't broad enough, and it didn't give the executive enough ridiculous detention powers. It should be shocking that the lefty MSM is so eager to act as apologists for Obama's most illiberal, fascistic, neo-con Republican policies, but at this point, I would be more shocked if they reported on this even slightly honestly. They've finally marginalized the view that the 4th amendment should mean anything by making the opposing view bipartisan, and anyone who supports habeas corpus rights is now crazy, outside the mainstream, "to the left" of the dems, etc.