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Below all of this you have the occupiers, a bunch of angry people and kids that don't know any batter being controlled by a slick internet marketing campaign run by Adbusters fraudulently portraying themselves as Anonymous by using fake new sites such as "Anon Ops Communications" notice the news companies advertised on the left hand side, how many of these do you really think Anonymous put there? Once they get there those that choose to camp out will steadily wear down their mental resistance due to lack of rest, and repeated chanting of barinwashing mantras ("we are the 99%") among other activities. Much like a cult where recruits forced to subsist on a low-protein gruel, people who are at Occupy long enough start to mentally break down. Many of these kids are given hard core drugs and sex to keep them there, yes Adbusters has been paying for those drugs, drugs are expensive, you think that crowd is just making their own? They also may have been intentionally hiring rapists to assault the early Anonymous demonstrators and hiring VD laden individuals to spread diseases to people who manage to overcome the bully group (this is just a hunch, I have no proof). People who stay there long enough become crowd controllers and might get hired as attention grabbers or organizers.