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Comment: I can see the beauty of this idea!

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I can see the beauty of this idea!

It may be time to send a clear message. I am beginning to think that if we can't get Ron Paul elected then maybe we should think about supporting BO in the election. If people aren't willing to look at the words of the Chief of the CIA's Bin Laden Group on blowback or the words of David Walker the former head of the GAO then we may be forced to vote for BO. It would guarantee that things would go from bad to worse and then it would grab the attention of all of the voters that buy into the argument that Ron Paul is wrong on his foreign policy and dangerous to our national security. We may have a better chance of eleviating the possiblility of a pre-emptive strike agains Iran which all the the other GOP candidates want the public to get behind. I watched the Rick Steves documentary on Iran and there is a lot in that video that suggests that the public is being lied to for the gain of the military industrial complex. Taking Barrack Obama on in regards to the NDAA may be a better bet than trying to convince any of the GOP candidates that a pre-emptive strike against Iran is not in our countries best interest. Voting third party if it was not plausible or not voting would offer to great of a risk of some war mongering CFR-GOP representative possilby winning the election. This would be the worst case scenario if and only if the Third Party possibility of winning or a Ron Paul GOP nomination was not possible.