Comment: The Value of Liberty Education

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The Value of Liberty Education

Before Ron Paul came along, I thought I knew everything there was to know about libertarianism. I had read Harry Browne, Ayn Rand, John Stuart Mill, etc. But it was Ron Paul who taught me about the Federal Reserve and how it facilitates big government. So, let us always keep in our minds that this is an educational movement as much as it is an effort to get one man elected to the presidency. Perhaps it won't be Ron who will be the next president. Maybe it will be a man named Rand 5 years from now who will sit in the oval office because of the efforts of his father today. Maybe many other congressional seats will be filled by freedom-loving individuals being educated right now, but who are as yet unknown to us -- men and women who got their education from Ron Paul. Start the educatonal ball rolling and who knows how far it might travel.