Comment: Although it's frustrating to

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Although it's frustrating to

Although it's frustrating to watch these so-called journalists ask the same questions over & over & over, what I hope to see more of is the way Doug Wead handled interviews the other day...

Take the negative question and re-frame it!

Ron Paul needs more practice with that, because these people will not willingly bring up important issues.

Eg, Q: Voters worry about your desire to get rid of Social Security. How will the elderly take care of themselves?
A: I have proposed legislation to protect SS funds that are being used in general revenues, to eliminate income caps on those receiving SS money, and to make SS income non-taxable. The govt has used SS funds so we won't be able to pay SS in the near future, which is why I want younger folks to be allowed to opt out and arrange for their own retirement.

Whatever the question, it needs to be re-framed &/or re-directed to show how Ron Paul's stance PROTECTS and HELPS the average American.

EDIT: I wonder, do they practice these questions on Ron Paul, prep him for the negative?

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