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There was nothing racist about them....

They were anti-PC... And Ron Paul still is NOT PC. Did you see his answer on Sexism today?

Here is a definition of racism and please keep in mind when you go back and put those INVESTMENT newsletters into full context.

Racism: "The disparagement of an ethnic groups genetic or cultural characteristics (real or imagined) for the purpose of LEGAL discrimination".

Thus both libertarianism and "those racists newsletters" are not racist at all. Not one tiny bit. The Political Correctness police and vague and wide definitions of anyone taking "offense" was and is the poison pill that Reason and Cato accepted and the RP newsletters rejected. Thanks to "friends" like Reason, libertarian's greatest "gateway libertarian" gets "outed" the week before the NH primaries in 2008. Yea, with friends like these, who needs enemies? That was an opportunistic political stab in the back. And now here.

With friends like "bleeding heart libertarians" beltway libertarians over at Reaon & Cato who cannot dissect any supposed offensive statement to see if indeed it is, and instead just do what all others do, assume that they are "racist", "antiSemitic", "sexist", "homophobic" do nobody who loves libertarianism a favor. Clear Definitions and NON PC Multiculturally "sensitive" ones is what libertarianism STILL NEEDS. Until it rejects the PC MC vague and wide definitions, liberty will continue to be attacked by the liberal PC police and we will get things like "hate crimes" which are clearly "thought crimes". There is more evils to come against Liberty as long as its libertarian defenders, even its bleeding heart ones, cannot and will not call a spade a spade.

As a long time reader of those INVESTMENT newsletters, they were lots of fresh air from the PCness that swept America in 1990's. The fact that CATO and REASON did not defend "those racist newsletters" back then and today, and took the side of the liberal rag The New Republic, makes CATO and REASON apart of a dead movement, if not the enemy. The new movement, the R3VOLution and the Campaign for Liberty is all about Respecting individual rights, but it is not down with the PC MC police. Just like most right wing conservatives who supported Herman Cain, they are done with that. Hence the wrath they gave those 2 Reason Pukes, Dave Weigel and Julian Sanchez, for "outing" without discussion Ron Paul in 2008 - stab in the back that we shall never forget.

Yes, today, Ron Paul disavows & apologies for the rude offense it may have had and Lew Rockwell bites his lip, for the near universal ascendancy of the PC MC crowds are everywhere and their loose, vague and wide definitions reign king in America today. TODAY. But soon all libertarians including Reason and Cato will realize that for libertarianism to survive, it must explicitly reject PC definitions and go on the offensive against the The New Republic and others who sell such poison.

If libertarians, bleeding heart ones too, really care about free speech, they will take a vacation out of the USA for several months, then come back and listen to the silence in America, the fear, the tongue tied twisting that goes on all in the name of not wanting to cause "offense" and be labeled with the dreaded "R" on the sweater from the puritanical liberal pilgrims. Not only does this kill vibrant free speech, its thought control. Today only comedians like Carlos Mencia, Dave Chappell, and Chris Rock and '90's shows like "In Living Color" can make generalities that noone else can make.

Go back and place all 23 sentences that the TNR has pulled from years of investment newsletters and put them all back into context and use that definition for racism above. You will see that nothing is so "vile" so "odious" so "appalling" about them. Such comments should SHOULD be applied to real racism that use the N word, disparages ethnic characteristics (real or imagined) and attempts to use that to justify LEGAL discrimination. Under the PCness that we live in today, with its wide and vague definitions and the fact that (as ron and rand paul have pointed out about the 64 civil rights act) a businessman's property rights are so run over that all is nearly lost to fascism.

As Chris Rock I believe said, "They hated smokers so dam much they got slammed back in the corner of the restaurant,... then that wasn't enough, "that second hand smoke offends me"! So they got the chilly cold spot outside the restaurant. And New York just passed another law and now they can't go anywhere and smoke ! Dam I scared cause I eat red meat! That's right, I know whats's comin'. Before long I will be cuttin my steak and vegan white bitch will be sittin' at the next table over and she'll get up screamin' "I am so offended, I'm so offend!" Next thing I know I will be cuttin' my steak outside in the cold!"

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