Comment: Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted

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Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted

The Democratic party's rules push protesters to the Texas congressman

Long before people started talking about Occupy the Caucus, Jeff Cox, an Iowa City resident, professor of history at the University of Iowa and former Democratic Party county chairman, was planning to do just that.

“Since last January we’ve been working on an Iowa Healthcare Not Welfare Caucus Campaign,” Cox said in an interview. “Our goal has been to sign people up to go to the Democratic caucuses as uncommitted delegates that are pushing to get our troops out of Afghanistan within 12 months of Obama’s reelection and for Medicare for all during his second term.”

Cox’s organization, which is an all-volunteer effort that took its name from a similar but non-affiliated Progressive Democrats of America initiative, has operated primarily within the confines of Johnson County – one of the most liberal pockets of the Hawkeye State.

Then there’s the Occupy Iowa Caucus movement hopes more than anything else to express overall dissatisfaction with all the candidates now running for President. They’ve gotten themselves arrested in recent days at Ron Paul headquarters and the Iowa Democratic party headquarters.

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