Comment: Indies and Dems are 24% of the PPP sample

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Indies and Dems are 24% of the PPP sample

But does anyone know what they are basing that percentage on? I've been looking to see what percent of GOP caucus goers were I or D in '08 but can't find the stat. It would be useful to know if the PPP proportion might be underestimating how many independents and Democrats might come out.

P.S. This PDF has some interesting info. If I understand it correctly it says that Indies were 12% of '08 GOP caucusers. Which suggests that PPP is accounting for more Indies than last time.

Relevant quote:

"Sixty percent of the under-25s were “born again or evangelical Christians,”
precisely the same proportion as in the whole GOP caucus population. Nineteen
percent were Independents, compared to 12 percent of Republican caucus-goers
and 23 percent of all caucus-goers"

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