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This image...

... is designed to desensitize women from recoiling from being groped. It is designed to desensitize men from responding in horror when their wives, daughters, and girlfriends are groped.

Untold numbers of German WWII soldiers were desensitized to it. It is what permitted the murder of millions in the gas chambers. Victims were paraded nude past German soldiers as they entered the death camps.

Do not be deceived. The purpose of this image is not to reveal truth. It is to convince all of us being groped by government is a perfectly normal and acceptable action. It is part of a plan to twist our moral thinking and convince us all it is okay for agents of government to grope anyone at any time.

This is a very powerful and dangerous image. Leaving it here on this home page is very dangerous. If it gets left here it is an indication this site is being used to perpetrate unspeakable evil on America.

God help us.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe